Ongoing PR Support | An active public relations work will raise glass wool in the Nordic region
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Fredrik Stengarn

11 April

Ongoing PR Support | An active public relations work will raise glass wool in the Nordic region |Knauf Insulation

Knauf Insulation, a part of the German company Knauf Group, manufactures glass wool insulation solutions. Knauf Insulation’s presence in the Nordic market began in 2009, and has since grown. Knauf Insulation has been the client of Four PR since 2014, and with active PR, they are taking more place in the industry than ever.

Knauf Insulation has chosen to work with Four PR to establish and manage their PR work in the Nordic countries – Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The purpose is to create business PR that helps establish Knauf Insulation in the Nordic region and increase the use of Knauf Insulation products. Four PR works together with our partner agency Strateg, which has overall responsibility for Knauf Insulation’s marketing in the Nordic region.

As a relatively new player in a market with several competitors, brand awareness for Knauf Insulation is relatively low. In order to overcome this, we developed a PR Plan that served as the basis for all PR work in the Nordic region. Since its inception in 2014, we have continued to increase Knauf Insulation’s share of voice in Nordic industry media. If you are curious about the PR work, you can follow some of it at

Peter Isacsson, Nordic General Manager at Knauf Insulation about the cooperation:

“We have given Four PR the full confidence to drive our PR work forward, so in a few years in collaboration, I can say that they are doing it with very good results. They have an understanding of what we need as a customer, and they have also found a level in the PR work that fits us very well.”

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