Campaign | Get a Life – Attract IT Professionals to Örebro through Place Branding
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Martin Ruist

28 September

Get a life |Handelskammaren Mälardalen

In 2012, Four PR received a request to join and pitch a joint recruitment campaign for 20 IT companies in Örebro. We won the PR section and got the campaign together with the advertising agency R/GA.


Four PR, The Chamber of Commerce Mälardalen, Örebrokompaniet and R / GA Stockholm initially conducted a workshop with IT companies in Örebro. Based on the results of the workshop, it was quickly noted that if the recruitment campaign gave Örebros IT company a total of 20 recruits, the investment would be returned multiple times.

The solution was to focus on Örebro as a city. The campaign was named “Get a Life”, which suggested that you get more out of life by living in Örebro instead of Stockholm. It was about lifting the benefits of Örebro, because the job itself and the salary were in par with what was received in Stockholm.

The campaign focused on using digital channels such as social media, web and SEO.

The campaign’s cohesion platform became the campaign site There the IT companies and the advantages of living in Örebro were presented in a simple and visual manner. It was also on the campaign page that the IT companies’ vacancies were advertised.

To attract the right skills, a list was drawn up with Sweden’s 1,000 most sought after people in IT. These names were purchased as words on Google. When they ego-googled themselves, an ad prompted them to “get a life” in Örebro. When you clicked on the link, you entered the campaign page.


In order to create an interest in the campaign and get the people to ego-google themselves, a large media processing was carried out for a few relevant media to lift the campaign and the benefits of living in Örebro.

A large part of the target audience was also on Twitter. Therefore, a Twitter account called “Get a Life” was also launched which invited them to ego-google. People were also invited to tell friends about the opportunity to get a life in Örebro.


The campaign, initially a recruitment campaign, ultimately became a combined recruitment and place branding campaign. January 2013, the campaign ended, but the website is still running and is continued by the Chamber of Commerce Mälardalen.


Medially, more than 1,580,000 people were reached by the campaign. Dagens nyheter, Computer Sweden and Nerikes Allehanda highlighted the campaign in their newspapers. On the web, the campaign generated great success and was boosted by, among others, It24, IDG, CSJobb, Computer Sweden and Teknikfreak.

On Twitter, the campaign received over 31,000 views, of which 75 percent were unique accounts. This means that 23,500 unique people have been reached by the campaign on Twitter.

The website had over 31,000 visits during the campaign period.

The campaign was nominated for Placebrander of the year 2013. The campaign won gold in the international competition iab MIXX Awards.

After the campaign, the IT companies in Örebro testify that the campaign gave the desired recruitment effect. The recruitment process for people who do not live in Örebro has been markedly shortened and they find it easier for new employees to move to Örebro.

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